Other activities

Due to current COVID times, we have temporarily stopped these activities and shall resume once things get better.

Other than Yoga and STEAM activities we also have these:

Amazing Athletes

At Trillium we make it easy for parents who want to teach different sports to children, we have contracted with Amazing Athletes to provide your child with the opportunity to learn different kinds of sports and drills like soft ball, soccer, football. All you need to do is enroll the child in the specific program.


Kinderdance has been an amazing vendor providing opportunities to learn ballet, tap dance or gymnastics. Once a week, small class sizes with loving and enthusiastic teachers.

Summer Camp (Age: 6 yrs – 9 yrs)

Trillium summer programs are curriculum base programs. Summer enrichment programs will allow Trillium flowers to nourish and bloom.The chance to participate, creative hands-on activities that build skills, stimulate their minds, exercise their bodies and best of all HAPPINESS!!!

Summer day camps for children  will  be  comprising of adventures in  cooperative and competitive games, physical education,  movement, art, science, yoga and creativity.The program is based on thematic units,  each  of  which explores ideas  and   concepts in a multidisciplinary way. Campers work on themed projects, relevant venues while learning about and exploring  things  that  interest  them. Our  teachers approach instruction from the  perspective  that  the  camp  should  be  filled  with  fun new  experiences  while  allowing  students  the  time  they  need  to  decompress  and  recharge  themselves after a long school year.

Trillium will  continue  to  strive  to  make Summer Program, a  continuation of  the Montessori  experience  by  providing  a creative, safe, and  fun environment.