Trillium seeks trained, experienced, and certified teachers to fill position openings because we believe that’s what creates the best foundation for an effective Montessori environment. Our Montessori teachers have been rigorously trained beyond their university studies in Montessori philosophy, principles, and method. We require them to help guide children through self- discovered learning by observation, influence, and encouragement, promoting the development of their minds, bodies, and spirits. We expect teachers to adjust to each individual child’s learning pace and needs, leading them to explore new topics and accept new challenges head on.

At Trillium Montessori, we pride ourselves on hiring a highly educated staff. Not only are they certified teachers, they have also had additional higher education and participate in ongoing teacher training and credentialing. Our diverse, international Montessori environment is truly a great place for children to learn and grow under the guidance of experienced mentors. We look for individuals who approach teaching in a firm, but also a supportive and kind, manner. They will serve as role models of warmth, kindness, peace, and respect.

Through the use of an app called Brightwheel, teachers are expected to communicate one on one with parents. They are responsible for sending reports and updates on the progress of each child daily. The relationship between our teachers and parents should be professional and meaningful. Yearly conferences are held to help parents track the academic progress of their child.

Please consider applying if you:

  • Have a teaching demeanor that aligns with our standards
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Are certified in Montessori
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Are dedicated to the success and development of every child

If you meet our qualifications and are interested in seeking employment with Trillium, please fill out the inquiry form on our Contact Us page and send us your resume by sending an email to the email address of the Trillium location you are interested in. We will schedule a phone interview followed by an in person interview for potential candidates. After your acceptance of a job offer, you will need to pass required background checks to secure your position.