Our Team

Sonal S.

Executive Director

Ms. Sonal S. graduated with her major in Early Childhood Curriculum in 1996 from the University of Mumbai. She has volunteered in many schools teaching children from low income families. Her first teaching experience was in North Austin Montessori in 2001. Sonal S. had always dreamt of excelling in the field of early childhood education. She earned her credentials early on in her career, becoming a director and opening her own Licensed daycare from home.

Sonal S. is passionate about providing the best quality teaching and care for children. Through her exploration into the different avenues of teaching, she discovered the excellence of the Montessori method and received her Montessori certification in 2011. She’s always excited about coming up with fresh, new ideas for teaching. She believes that the main reason why Trillium families are invested in our center and put trust into our programs is due to how much thought and purpose are put into our Montessori curriculum.

Sonal K.

Director of Operations Round Rock

Ms. Sonal K. has more than 20 years of experience in early childhood education. She is inspired by the children being filled with so much curiosity and joy and is passionate about being able to nurture them as they learn and grow. She brings energy and enthusiasm to the classroom and loves every moment she gets to spend around the children. Her favorite daily activity is helping out the Infant class because she enjoys feeding the babies.

Sonal K. has been instrumental in running daily operations effectively. Her positive attitude constantly inspires all of the teachers to do their best everyday. She loves to organize and keep the center as clean as possible. We owe much of the positive feedback of our Trillium’s nice, clean smell to her!

Ms. Ranee

Director of Trillium Austin

Ms. Ranee has been employed with Trillium since 2014. She enjoys teaching, so although she is a Director she purposely spends time within the classroom helping children to achieve their learning milestones. Apart from her passion for teaching, Ms. Ranee also enjoys creating and updating curriculums to best tailor how we teach to the different ways children learn. She continuously provides teachers with new resources to provide the best experience possible for the children.